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Shityrail Timetables:
Eastern Suburbs
& Illawarra:
All trains delayed 15 minutes
Bankstown: Trackwork, we'd be sorry about it but the laws on our side so HA!
Inner West: Daily Derailments
Airport & East Hills: We'll charge you far to much just to go to the airport if there's two or more of you it's cheaper to catch a Taxi from pretty much anywhere in Sydney. We actually recommend that you do catch a Taxi cause you don't have to wait 25 minutes for our poor quality trains.
South: More Derailments
Cumberland: Weekends HA! We stopped running trains here on weekends! We didn't want to go here so why would you?
North Shore: Trackwork daily for the next 6 months don't bother trying to get here
Western: you've got a 1:50 chance of surviving a Derailment on this line.
Olympic Park: We did this so well during the Olympics but we've gone back into Training for the next Sydney Olympics we maybe decent by 2120
Northern: Nope, just don't even bother delays of at least 30 minutes more like an hour sometimes we can get them as high as two hours, so Nope it's not worth it.
Intercity Trains: Ever been to the UK? They can do Edinburgh to London (595Km) in only four and half hours, they've got nothing on shityrail we can do Sydney to Newcastle (151Km) in only 3 hours that's like an hour and half quicker!!!

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ShityRail | Timetables | Trackwork | Station Facilities | Tickets & unFares | Shityrail Forum is made as a joke, any resemblance to any actual Rail Network is purely coincidental. May help come to those that live in a city with such a poor rail network - comedy coming soon.